Fractional Operations Management

Align your team. Streamline your processes. Simplify your life.

Your business is growing. So are your challenges.

Your people and processes are the heart of your organization. Lack of proper attention to these areas tends to surface in unexpected ways. Which of these common challenges resonate with you and your organization?

  • Your business feels chaotic and out of control
  • Stressed and/or unhappy team members
  • Inconsistent and/or inefficient processes
  • Increased sales are not increasing profits
  • Wasted time on repetitive manual tasks
  • You don’t have time to focus on the big picture

The sooner you can recognize these problems as warnings to correct course, the better! 

This is where we step in to help!

You deserve to LOVE running your business

Are you and your team showing the symptoms of poor operations management, but not quite ready to invest in a full-time hire? Our Fractional Operations Management Service bridges this gap, so you can get back to doing what you love! We’ll help you and your organization…


Help everyone on your team see the big picture and create synergy between departments.


Establish metrics, processes and systems which foster sustainable growth.


Streamline and document business processes, and centralize your company knowledge.


Leave the people and operations improvements to us. You can get back to the things you love!

Simplify your life in 3 easy steps

Unlike the potentially expensive and arduous hiring process for a key position, we make things easy for you to get started. Jump right into execution of your company objectives in 3 easy steps…




Identify your pain points and determine if we are a good fit.


Starting at $600

A series of meetings & assessments to create a strategic roadmap. 



Starting at $1500 / mo

Rally the troops, roll up our sleeves and execute our objectives.

Is a fractional manager is a viable option for your business?

Fractional Manager

✅ No long-term commitment

✅ No paid benefits, complex bonuses or payroll tax

✅ Can get started immediately 

✅ Can work remote or with minimal on-site hours

✅ Leverage experience across multiple industries

✅ Quickly implement positive changes 

✅ Flexibility in the scope and hours

✅ A results-driven engagement


✅ No long-term commitment

✅ No paid benefits, complex bonuses or payroll tax

✅ Can get started immediately 

✅ Can work remote or with minimal on-site hours

✅ Leverage experience across multiple industries

❌ You’ll have to take action

❌ Pull your wallet out for major changes

❌ An advice-based engagement

Full-Time Hire

❌ Hopefully you hired the right person

❌ The expected benefits might include your first-born child

❌ Hiring can be arduous and expensive

❌ You may have to get that new fancy office, furniture and PC ready

❌ 18 industries in 10 years is usually not a sign of a good candidate

❌ Tiptoes around to “feel things out” first

❌ Wants to work less hours & paid more

❌ A potentially bad marriage

Why choose Birch And Oak?

"I wanted to take my company to the next level in several areas: To create an authentic company culture built on both personal and professional core values, fine tune our business operations to be as efficient as possible, and to strengthen our brand position and relationships with our retailers. Brian is a wealth of knowledge and knows how to apply that knowledge in a practical, results-oriented way. He was instrumental in the strategic growth of our company."
"I had the great pleasure of working with Brian to help grow my wholesale business. He helped us establish a successful B2B sales strategy, and implemented a customized CRM with data integrated from our P.O.S. system. This created alignment between our inside and outside sales teams and led to rapid growth. Shortly after, Brian's objective view helped uncover inefficiencies in processes, most notably the need for an EDI integration to automate order entry/invoicing/tracking for our new high-volume customers. Brian is a reliable and highly motivated individual who will see any project through to completion."

Has your small business become a challenge to maintain or grow?
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