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Business team colleagues of different age ethnicities join palms in high five on briefing at office feeling happy proud of mutual achievement meeting goal.
Brian Royce

Digital Transformation Requires A Solid Organizational Foundation

If you are considering a digital transformation, it might be a warning sign that your organization as a whole is not yet committed to continuous improvement. A focus on your ‘people ops’ might be a better place to start and yield better results.

Business person sharing a file with a colleague
Brian Royce

Business File Sharing Best Practices

Whether you have an office with individual workstations, or a fully remote workforce – well-executed file and data management is vital to your success. In order for your team to work efficiently and effectively, they need easy access to the information required to do their jobs. Let’s dig in…

Business team sitting in a meeting look like they need culture change management.
Brian Royce

Developing A Leadership-Enriched Culture

A culture evolves either on it’s own, or with intention. The first approach rarely bodes well. Without a clear mission, vision and strategy – people get lost and land in the wrong seats. Day-to-day activities soon become continuous tugs of war.

Small business operations manager sitting at desk on tablet with a cog and gear image overlay.
Brian Royce

Improving Your Business Operations

Small business owners can become victims of their own systems and processes without even knowing it. Over time processes become tangled, sticky and cumbersome.
Inefficient operations have a ripple effect which moves through a business and disguises itself in unsuspecting ways.

Businessman doing his small business accounting with a calculator sitting at desk.
Brian Royce

Understanding Your Business Finances

Can you imagine a professional athlete showing up to compete time and time again, but never knowing if they actually won a game or match? Or not even knowing if their efforts contributed to the outcome? As ridiculous as this might sound, many business owners are doing just that.

A businessman shakes hands with a trusted vendor in a small business consulting meeting.
Brian Royce

The Importance Of Trusted Vendors

Throughout my career I’ve worked with my fair share of vendors I later wished I hadn’t. I’ve been promised the world – only to be let down months later. And even worse, at times I’ve been completely lied to and essentially ‘robbed’. And that sucks when that happens. With that said – I have found some good ones along the way.

A business owner sits at a small table across from their interim business manager.
Brian Royce

Interim Business Management – Everything You Need To Know

Chances are if you live in the USA, you may not be familiar with the term interim management. This is because while popular in Europe and Australia (and other parts of the world) for decades, only recently are interim management companies popping up in the States.

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